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How it Works

There's nothing to install with our Community Server. Simply create a subdomain, or even your own distinct domain, assign it to a CNAME address, and then you can customize to your hearts content! Change the headers, footers, css, fonts and make the Community Server reflect your brand.

You can interact with your members, send out notifications, conduct polls, and much more.. its the most powerful and customizable Community Server around - and it's FREE to you!

Community Server Features
Your own Sub-domain
With our social network site, you simply add a sub-domain (an A record) to your website, and this can be whatever your choose...,, etc.. or even your own dedicated domain name - your choice.
customise Customize your Site
Completely rebrand the site, whether its using your image in the header, or completely replacing the headers and footers with your own HTML.
Search Engine Friendly
Using proprietary techniques, we design our social networking site to be as search engine friendly as possible, increase your rankings by linking through to your main website.
users Great Tools for Users
Your userbase will have access to a wide range of tools, helping them to keep on coming back to your site - tellafriend, uploading photos/videos, editing their profile, their own url, blogging, evites, groups, discussion forums and much more...
quick Quick Setup - Immediate Results
Not got much time? The social networking micro-site can be added and setup in 5 minutes. Simply by assigning a domain A record to one of our IP addresses and adding a header image you can be up and running - fast - and you've got immediate access to tens of thousands of users.
Users Pages
Users can customize their own public pages, and each page is access directly via the address bar.. e.g. - users send their friends their link, free exposure for your website and brand.
User Sharing & Transparency
As soon as your activate your community, you'll have instant access to tens of thousands of existing members. When one member from a different site contacts one of your members, both members appear to be communicating on the same site, so it looks like your community has many thousands of members.
Poll Opinion Polls
Create opinion polls across our entire network, appearing on every profile. Find out what people think, get statistics and much more...
statistics Statistics
Get access to hardcore statistics from people that signup and use your site, everything from age, sex, location, to career and music tastes.
email Email & Messaging
Send marketing or messages to the users who signed up through your social site or to our entire userbase.
advertising Advertise
Advertise to your user base, or to the entire network using an easy to use control panel, complete with statistics - views, click through's, etc
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