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Feed Advertising

Place your advert right in the middle of members feeds. This highly targeted, highly noticeable advertising will add ultimate impact to your brand and your message.

feed advertising

Banner Advertising

Reach the people you need to with our cross network banner advertising. Your advert will run across the top and bottom of our Community Sites. It's quick simple and cost-effective.

Free Advertising!

You can earn credits to put towards advertising when users signup and are active on your Community Server.

Advertising is cross-network, so credits you earn from your Community Server can be put towards an advert that is shown across ALL client sites.

How to Earn Client Credit Rewards
50 New Member Signup & Activation
When a Member signs up and activates their account, your account is credited with 50 credits
1000 New Client Referral
When a client signups through your Community for their own Community Server, then your account is credited with 1,000 credits
Start Advertising
Follow these steps to add your advert automatically to the Community Network.Need help? Contact Us

Step 1. Choose a Type of Advert

Edit Advertising Project

Advertising Statistics
Analyze the results of your Advertising see which of your projects produced results... free with every Advertising Project you purchase.