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Where {URL} is the full URL of the
page you would like bookmarked

Social Bookmarking for Publishers
Social bookmarking is the way that your visitors can bookmark a page or your site, and share that bookmark across our network. The more members that bookmark your site, the more it appears across our network, helping to promote your website even further.

It's quick and easy to add social bookmarking to your page. Simply use the graphic and link to the left and visitors can click on the link, and add the link to their profiles in just 2 clicks.
Social Bookmark
16 x 16
The Link{URL}

U required The URL of the Page to be Bookmarked
T optional The Title (if you want to override our retrieval)
D optional The Description (if you want to override our retrieval)
I optional An 16x16 image (if you want to override our retrieval)