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Interpersonal skills add the highest value to the career | ATS
The best possible solution is to use Resume Tracking Software Free to take care of standard procedural work and use intellectual talent of hiring managers to identify the right applicants. Ironically, the more advanced technology becomes, the more interpe

Laboratory Fittings Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers India
Leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of laboratory fittings from India, We are leading for lab fitting manufacturers, exporters for worldwide.

Cultural fit is the deciding factor for hiring | Free ATS
They are using various softwares with features like applicant tracking for managing the profile, parsing resume, job tracking, managing their teams and employment management systems for managing employee life cycles. These tools are helping considerably t

How Effective is Hiring through References | Free ATS
Accuracy of hiring strategy is one of the most important factors that have significant influence on organization’s performance in the long run. Thus large emphasis is laid on the reference profiles received from employees.

Senior Level Hiring Has Become More Complex | ATS
In the corporate world, the professionals at senior positions are expected to successfully manage a broad-range of both operational and leadership responsibilities. The higher the position is, the more is requirement of intellectual skills rather than tec

Online Point Of Sale Software
More than just a point-of-sale system, Hike is online Point of Sale software that helps manage your business and lift your customer service levels. Hike is on cloud and also works offline! Its latest features and functionality matrix make it stand out fro

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